Keysborough South Community Hub Submission Ideas

NoIdeaIdea DescriptionLikelihood
1Maker’s Space (Art and Craft Area)There is a lot of discussion going on within Council that one of the smaller meeting rooms would be better used as an arts and craft area/wet area but whether it will be or not will likely depend on community interestLikely if residents ask for it
2Co-working spaces Co-working spaces offer free power-point access, hotdesks, ability to converse and hold casual meetings and WiFi – there is enough space in the community lounge area for residents to get co-working spaces installed if they ask for them Likely if residents ask for it
3Library BranchUnlikely given that the new Springvale Library is just being built and a library branch would increase the cost of the Keysborough South Community Hub from the current estimated $10-$15 million dollars to about $30 – 35 million dollars.Unlikely
4Library Service more that just drop off and pick upThat said, the Keysborough South Community Hub could be built with a more significant library offering if residents ask for itMaybe
5More Community Activity SpaceI have already had some feedback that given the changing demographic that more community space and less children’s space would be a good ideaMaybe
6Public Art To give hub individual characterLikely if residents ask for it
7CafeThe reason that a Council hasn’t put in a cafe at this stage is doubt that it will be economically viable. So if you want to suggest it would be best if you address that question in your submissionMaybe
8Green Star rating better than 5 Green StarCurrently the building is planned to be 5 Green Star but community feedback will determine whether it is built to be more sustainable than that like 5 Green Star Zero Net Emissions or 6 Green StarLikely if residents ask for it
9Bigger space for community amphitheatreSome residents have told me that there isn’t enough performing space Maybe
10Particular playground equipmentPlayground equipment is in flux so if you have particular equipment you want it is a good time to ask. It is also good to ask for a theme for the playground which is arguably more likely to be successful if it blends in with Tatterson ParkLikely if residents ask for it
11Electic charging stationBeing discussed internally already but currently no certaintyLikely if residents ask for it