How you can help

My campaign for Red Gum Ward is going to be a tough fight. I need your support so that I can continue standing up for a better Greater Dandenong.


You can help by volunteering to hand out how-to-vote cards on election day (October 22nd) or at pre-poll from September 21 onwards. You can also help by distributing fliers to people’s mail boxes, talking to your neighbours about my campaign or hosting a poster in your front yard. To volunteer to help my campaign, please click here.


You can also make a donation to help me produce pamphlets and posters. To donate to my campaign, please click here(You will be taken to my Victorian Greens donation page – all funds donated via this page go directly to my campaign).

Help from people like you are vital to a successful campaign. We know that many voters do not read their local papers or council newsletters, so it is important to connect with them in other ways. We also know that others will be spending big this election – in 2012, some candidates registered tens of thousands of dollars in donations.

Matthew Kirwan